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An experience

This is your own personal theatre. Intimate, interactive, fully mobile with engine noises and integrated pothole avoidance systems.

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Around Edinburgh

You love Edinburgh. Make it more memorable still by seeing it in a completely different fashion. Full refund if you can find this anywhere else in the world!

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In a taxi

Not just any old taxi, well, actually that is exactly what it is, just it's better, brighter feathered and much more fun if you are inside.

Review 8th June 2023
What an experience. The funniest 90 minutes we have had in a long time. Sides were sore with laughter and singing.Lola and her friends were so entertaining. Sylvia is just a star. Will hopefully see you again soon!!! Thanks again!!! (Jennie)

Showgoers on 8th May 2023


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“Original and with an innate understanding of her customer’s needs, Sylvia is an amazing hostess, performer and entertainer.”

Rogues Gallery

Only the special people get to join the gallery

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